Ecotourism in Cumberland County: Places to Go and Things to See

Green Heron

Two Osprey at Nest

Osprey at Nesting Platform

Wild and Scenic Rivers:

Sensitive Joint Vetch

Each of the four designated rivers: the Maurice, the Menantico, the Manumuskin, and the Muskee; has its own unique characteristics. Of particular interest, the Manumuskin River basin harbors thirty-two rare plants, making it one of the most botanically significant areas in New Jersey. The sensitive joint vetch, or aeschynomene virginica,is found here in the largest of only five stands known worldwide, and is an index of the extreme purity of the water due to lack of development within the area. The reptile and mammal diversity is also unusual, and 15 of New Jersey's 25 threatened and endangered bird species breed here.

Sensitive Joint Vetch

Historic Villages and Structures:

East Point Lighthouse

Other Attractions: