River and Bayshore People: A Portrait Gallery

Many people in the Delaware Bayshore area have worked long and hard to protect the resources of both the Maurice River system and the entire estuary. They are important stewards of the rivers and wildlife, both for current and for future generations. Depicted here* are some of the people who have made a difference, as well as some of the children for whom this treasure will be continue to be preserved.

The People

Keeper of the River

"Keeper of the River" - Portrait of Cindy Zirkle

Cindy is the founder of CARP, a grass-roots environmental group which played an important role in the protection of the Cohansey River, spearheading a successful fight against the industrialization of that waterway.

We Did It!

"We Did It!" - Portrait of Steven Kehs

Steve, the Director of Planning and Development for Cumberland County, led the Wild and Scenic River Task Force for the Maurice River and its tributaries and has actively promoted ecotourism in the County as a method of combining economic development with the preservation of our unique landscape.

Green Witch

"Green Witch" - Portrait of Belva Prycl

Belva is an accomplished artist who captures the essence of the marshes and the verdant coastal landscape in her beautiful oil paintings. Additionally she is the founder of EAGLE, an estuary-based environmental organization, and a former staff member for the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions.

Wild and Scenic Mayor Jack Feltes

"Wild and Scenic Jack" - Portrait of Mayor Jack Feltes

During Jack's lengthy term as mayor of Maurice River Township he possessed the vision to support Wild and Scenic designation for our rivers, and to promote environmentally sound planning practices for his municipality.


"Gotcha!" - Portrait of Greg Honachefsky

Greg is a conservation officer (game warden) whose dedication to the Delaware Bay Schooner Project has helped to make this ambitious undertaking a reality. The Meerwald, an oyster schooner built in Dorchester in 1928, has been restored and refitted as a floating classroom to offer educational and conservation-oriented experiences to school children and the public in general. In their efforts to raise money for this project, Greg and his fellow volunteers have also raised the level of awareness throughout the region regarding the unique resources and history of the Delaware Bayshore area.

Pat and Clay

"In Their Element" - Portrait of Pat and Clay Sutton

Pat and Clay are naturalists - she for the New Jersey Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory and he the former vice president of Herpetological Associates Inc., an environmental consulting firm, and currently a wildlife biologist and tour leader. Clay is the coauthor of "Hawks in Flight" with Pete Dunne and Dave Sibley, and, with his wife, coauthor of "How To Spot An Owl" and "How To Spot Hawks and Eagles." The Suttons' ability to share their fascination for flora and fauna with others has enriched countless lives and immeasurably increased public awareness of the need for protection of habitats.

Linda's Garden

"Linda's Garden" - Portrait of Linda Dunne

Linda's wonderful photographs enhance her husband, Pete's, book "The Feather Quest", which details their twelve-month odyssey in search of the best birding locations in North America. She and Pete, director of the Cape May Bird Observatory and originator of the World Series of Birding, are invaluable advocates for preservation as well.

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