Wild and Scenic Maurice River: Things to Do and See

Map of Wild and Scenic Area

The Maurice River and its tributaries, the Menantico, Manumuskin, and the Muskee, flow through five southern New Jersey municipalities, four of which are located in rural Cumberland County. As small creeks the narrow freshwater tributaries, overhung with trees, meander through Vineland and Buena Vista Township; by the time they reach Millville, Maurice River Township, and Commercial Township their size has increased, and they are navigable by motorboat. The Maurice itself widens to become Union Lake at Millville and from there it winds through south Millville and, flanked by low salt marsh, divides Commercial and Maurice River Townships on its trip to the Delaware Bay.

Historically the Maurice River has an extensive maritime history centering around oystering and other fisheries. This rich cultural background is a primary reason for the inclusion of the river system in the Wild and Scenic program. Together with the area's unparalleled natural resources, including numerous threatened and endangered plant, animal, and bird species, it makes the watershed a unique place to visit.

The Wild and Scenic Maurice River and Its Tributaries

The Manumuskin River A Bend of the Manumuskin

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